Answers from Paul Meina on Water Sourcing and Treatment (11/20/2008)

How does Kimathi University in Nyeri gets its water?
- piped in from existing municipal system
Cost of water from the municipal system?
- Paul needs to check water bill and get back to us
Are there ownership limitations on the permanent small river on the site?
- can be used on a case by case basis. may need to apply for permit from ministry of water for large volume usage.
What water treatment methods are used at Kimathi and in the surrounding area?
- chlorine, filtration, sedimentation (system of pools)
What is the source of the water from the municipality?
- chinga dam and reservoir and nearby chinga river
Soil data? Geological data? What is the depth of the water table?
- relatively shallow (10-20 ft), check with contact and ministry of water
Are there existing wells on the Kimathi site? Are there ownership laws for tapping into the water table?
- permit for well drilling takes 2-3 months to acquire
What materials are used for water piping?
- mild steel (cost: 1,200 shillings for 20' 1/2" pipe)
- PVC piping available for water drainage and into housing (no high pressure applications)
What water standards exist for drinking/agriculture?
- ministry of water and irrigation
- National environmental management authority
Are drums or barrels available for sand filters?
- companies sell plastic water containers
- can build stone or concrete containers
- metal tanks are fairly expensive
Are storage tanks available?
- 25-30L jerrycans (10-20 shillings from resturant or supermarket - used for oils)
- dig pit and line with plastic sheets and then cover with plastic or metal
How are tanks filled?
- simple pump - electric
How often do people get water?
- buy water daily - not many have high capacity storage
- fill from municipality water at water distributor
- water services are decentralized
Has the municipality had any water quality problems in the past?
- no but surrounding communities have had problems with fecal coliform in the water
Are there any improvements you would like to see in the water treatment?
- water recovery, water management education, and water reycling